After more than 10 years accompanying people to suffer less, develop their leadership skills, increase their well-being and develop their self-confidence … by introducing them to techniques including abdominal breathing and mindfulness meditation; after more than 10 years spent seeing the benefits of this practice but the difficulty that people had to continue practicing once they returned home, it seemed obvious that some form of support was necessary and Medit’Solutions was born.

Neuroscience is formal; practicing mindfulness regularly helps reduce stress and anxiety, develop attention and creativity, has a positive impact on the cellular aging and makes us happy! After 20 minutes of practice the body doubles its production of serotonin, the happiness hormone and after about 8 hours of cumulated practice the actual morphology of the brain changes, particularly around the part responsible for emotional regulation, allowing sustainable well-being to set in.

Mindfulness helps you anchor yourself in the present instead of mulling over things of the past or worrying about the things to come. You learn to enjoy what is and to accept what cannot be changed.

So what does Medit’Solutions offer? A learning path where progressively, you can deepen your practice and reap all the benefits that being mindful brings. The guided meditations therefore become less and less guided and that for longer periods of time.

You also have a virtual coach who will accompany you and guide you through the application. Mini-videos have been created to guide you and your avatar will reflect your progress by gradually evolving.

We have also developed a section for children, to teach them to name and to calm their emotions, but also to help them strengthen their self-esteem and confidence.

You can also experiment with visualizations to train your mind to approach life positively. The brain does not distinguish between the real and the imaginary, it simply believes what you say. Mental training, a technique used today by top sports people, is the solution to condition your brain to address the challenges of life with confidence and optimism.

We hope that by using this application, you will find a way to give yourself a little time every day. By so doing, you will dramatically improve the quality of your life and, by extension, that of the people around you.