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with the first multi-solutions wellness app :

  • Meditation
  • Cardiac Coherence
  • Relaxation
  • Yoga
  • Visualisation
  • ...
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Why use our app ?

Guided meditations

A progressive learning path to mindfulness as well as several themes to accompany you in all situations

Secure shopping

Downloads and payments directly via the official Apple and Google stores

Multi-language EN/FR

You can choose the language your prefer for both the texts and the recordings

Several disciplines

Navigate between meditation, practices to induce relaxation and sleep, abdominal breathing, yoga or visualisations to train your mind


To meet the founder of Medit’Solutions and discover her explanations of why and how to meditate

Statistics and progression

Your progress is graphically recorded so you can easily see your position over the 6 stages of evolution

How it works ?


Install the application

on your smartphone Android or iPhone


See how well-being becomes natural

As your levels of stress and anxiety drop


Start meditating

and progress at your own rhythm as you move through the various meditations


Our MBSR+ programme:

An 8 week intensive stress reduction program inspired by the protocol created by Jon Kabat-Zinn in 1979:

Average results for people who complete the protocol are:

  • Anxiety levels reduced by 58%
  • Depression levels reduced by 57%
  • Stress levels reduced by 48%

Our program includes all the original contents and more:

  • Daily sessions with didactic input written by an MBSR instructor (48 sessions in all )
  • Mindful activities to include into your daily life
  • A logbook with additional material, to be completed daily
  • An MBSR+ library that you can access during and after completion of the program to continue your practice

This digital program can be followed anytime, anywhere in the world via your smartphone or tablet.

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